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Aptos Developer Documentation

Aptos Learn

Create your own decentralized app with the recently launched Aptos Learn website!

Welcome! Aptos is a Layer 1 for everyone. In the Ohlone language, "Aptos" means "The People."

Our documentation is designed to assist you in developing a web3 ecosystem project that contributes positively to the global community. We focus on facilitating easier development, ensuring more reliable services, enabling faster transactions, and fostering a supportive, decentralized community.

This documentation will help you develop applications for the Aptos blockchain, run nodes, and be a part of the blossoming Aptos community. This documentation covers both basic and advanced topics. Here you will find concepts, how-to guides, quickstarts, tutorials, API references, code examples, release notes, and more.

Please note, this site is built from the main upstream branch of GitHub and so reflects the latest changes to Aptos. If you have checked out another branch to use a specific network, the code may not yet have all the features described here.

Find the latest releases

See the newest Aptos releases in the Latest Releases list and its subpages.

Set up your environment and start with the tutorials

Getting started

Begin by setting up your Aptos development environment.

Run quickstart tutorials

Submit your first transaction, write your first Move module, deploy your first coin, and more.

Learn Aptos concepts and follow the guides


Learn the key concepts of the Aptos blockchain, including transactions, accounts, gas and transaction fees, nodes, and more.

Move on Aptos

Learn how the Move programming language helps make the Aptos blockchain safe and reliable.

How it works

How to build applications on Aptos.

Run an Aptos node

Run a validator node

Install and run a validator or a fullnode.

Run a local testnet

Run a validator node on your local testnet.

Run a public fullnode

Run a public fullnode and connect to devnet.

Develop apps with the SDKs and APIs


CLI for developing and deploying on the Aptos blockchain.


SDKs for building on the Aptos blockchain.


Reference for the REST API to interact with the Aptos blockchain.

Connect to an Aptos network

Aptos offers the ability to run a local testnet, as well as provides a shared devnet and testnet. See the System Integrators Guide for a summary of the available networks and the means to connect to them.

Aptos Devnet Resets

The Aptos devnet is reset every Thursday. See the latest updates in the Aptos Discord.


Engage with the community

We are excited that you are here, and we look forward to getting to know you. Welcome to the Aptos community! Find out more about us and exchange ideas at:

Community projects on Aptos

Visit Aptos Ecosystem Projects to discover live projects built on Aptos:

If you would like to showcase your project, please make your submission from the directory.

Want to pitch in on smaller tasks, such as doc updates and code fixes? See our Community list for opportunities to help the Aptos ecosystem.